Back Pain Treatment Hopkins

For many pregnant women lower back pain is a constant companion. You went into your pregnancy hoping for a cute baby bump and a beautiful glow, but what you really get is a 9 month span of discomfort and pain. If you could take some medicine and get on with your life it wouldn’t be an issue, but lots of women will refrain from taking medication because they don’t want to pass any chemicals onto their unborn babies. Luckily Hopkins Health and Wellness Center may have a solution for you. We provide safe and natural back pain treatment in Hopkins that works well for pregnant women.

Did you know that most women gain between 25-35 lbs with pregnancy. That is a relatively small amount of time to gain so much weight, and your body will definitely feel it. Pregnant women carry the majority of that weight in their lower abdomen, and that adorable baby bump will put a lot of pressure and strain on your lower back. Chiropractic adjustments can help to realign your spine and hips, and will help your body to deal with all of that extra pressure and pain. This kind of treatment is absolutely natural and very safe for both baby and mom.

Our Hopkins chiropractor has helped many pregnant women to find the relief that they need, and we would be excited to help you too. If you are sick of living with back pain and you want a more natural solution then you need to give us a call today. We offer competitive prices and free consultations. You can nothing to lose, call us today for your consultation.