1. Needing Zzzzz’s? By Hopkins Massage Therapy

    You've had many long stressful days at work. You are exhausted, and hoping for a new lease on life. When it's time for bed, you just hope to sleep the night through. Massage can actually improve sleep. It reduces mental stress and decreases anxiety enabling Hopkins Massage Therapy to help patients with needed Zzzzz's for a good night's sleep.…Read More

  2. A Visit to Hopkins Massage Therapy

    People look forward to a great massage. Whether giving a massage gift certificate, or looking to improve your own health, visit Hopkins Massage Therapy. The gift of massage has many benefits, both physical and mental. It can decrease anxiety, enhance self image, and create a wonderful feeling of wellbeing. Don't you or your loved ones deserve a visit today?…Read More

  3. You’ve Found a Fantastic Physical Therapist in Hopkins

    Hopkins Health and Wellness Center offers many options for premiere healthcare. Whether utilizing Cold Laser Therapy for tissue repair or a Specialized Decompression Program for our patients, our Physical Therapists offer dynamic services with amazing results. Making time for yourself and your health is essential. Finding a Physical Therapist in Hopkins that is professional and in tune with your n…Read More

  4. Looking for a Fantastic Physical Therapist in Hopkins

    A great physical therapist can be hard to find. Our team, at Hopkins Health and Wellness Center, is dedicated to helping all patients achieve a healthier lifestyle. One key factor can be the care of a great physical therapist. Our physical therapists are flexible and accommodating. They have emphasis on wellness and active patient rehab with the improved health of patients as the main goal. We are…Read More

  5. No More Game Pain Thanks To Hopkins Chiropractor

    We live in a society that is ever changing, updating, and improving (although in certain cases this might be debatable). Phones that are only a couple inches long, games you can play that sense your movement, and cars that drive themselves! It’s a little crazy when you think about it. While many of these gadgets are a lot of fun and more often than not are things we use every day, unfortunately …Read More

  6. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Sees Snow Related Injuries

    Snow! Snow! Snow! It is truly a winter wonderland out there; it looks so beautiful with the fluffy flakes falling down and settling on everything. Unfortunately if you need to drive anywhere it means you will have to get out and shovel your driveway and depending on how much snowfall you’ve had and how long your driveway is it can be quite a daunting, and physically exhausting, task. Please be v…Read More

  7. Hopkins Chiropractor Fixes Your Snowman Mess

    Everyone knows that daddy’s make the best snowmen so when those adorable little voices beg and plead for you to help them build one there is no way you can disappoint. You pick out the accessories for your snowman (or lady), teach the kids how to get a snowball started, stack the middle snowball and as you reach down for the head you feel something snap. Uh oh… that wasn’t good! You’ve gon…Read More

  8. Happy Snow Day Thanks To Physical Therapists In Hopkins

    You woke up this morning, took a look out the window and saw that it had snowed during the night. What a site it was to behold! Two minutes later the kids came rushing into your room squealing with delight and excitement begging you to go outside and make snow angels with them. You just have long enough to wolf down a piece of toast before they literally drag you outside to get the fun started. Ma…Read More

  9. Take A Vacation With A Hopkins Massage Therapy

    I don’t know about you but what I need after the holidays is a vacation! Between the last minute shopping, the hours and hours of baking, the loud family visits, and the running around after kids high on Christmas, you’re utterly exhausted. What you need is a little time on your own, in a quiet room with a professional massage therapist helping to ease away the tension. In Hopkins massage ther…Read More

  10. Relief For Santa With Hopkins Massage Therapy

    Santa is usually a pretty jolly fellow but after the past couple week’s that he has had he’s downright grumpy. He’s been furiously busy getting all the toys ready to deliver to the children of the world and when they were all done it was a mighty big sack they filled. Santa had a rough Christmas Eve going up and down countless chimneys as he delivered all those presents and he has a very sor…Read More