1. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Consult With Amputees

    One area where physical therapists do some of their best work is with people who have lost a limb; amputees. Whether it be an arm, a hand, or a leg the person who has had this loss will need help adjusting to their new body. They will need to learn to balance themselves again by adjusting their body weight and learning how to do every day activities in a very different way. Our physical therapists…Read More

  2. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Educate Amputees

    Not only will amputees need to learn how to adjust on a basic physical level but they will also need help learning how to live their lives with this massive change. Physical therapists are not only responsible for teaching these people how to manage basic life skills but it also involves aspects that are more detailed. Educating patients on resources that are out there to help them, and ways in wh…Read More

  3. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Help The Pessimists

    The holiday season is here and if you’re any kind of a pessimist you may have a gloomy point of view when it comes to this time of year. Most people see beautiful Christmas trees, family festivities, delicious foods, and gifts gifts gifts. But pessimists can look at the same things and see wrenched backs, pulled muscles, digestive issues, and a waste of money. Our center has a team of profession…Read More

  4. Physical Therapists In Hopkins That Won’t Break Leave You Broke

    Sometimes it really feels like the medical industry is nothing but a money making racket out to get us all and bleed us dry of our hard-earned money. And it’s the last type of business where this should be the case – people don’t go to doctors just for fun, they go to them because they need them. Unfortunately the often-exorbitant cost of a doctor’s consultation is something that stops man…Read More

  5. Instant Relief At Hopkins Chiropractor

    For anyone who’s ever cracked their knuckles or their neck, you know the feeling of release this offers. You feel more relaxed and are able to move your fingers and your neck much more freely. Now imagine if you could have this same feeling throughout your whole body. You can! One of our Hopkins chiropractors is ready and able to give you and adjustment or alignment that will be suited exactly t…Read More

  6. Help For Tension Pain At Hopkins Chiropractor

    Did you know that neck, shoulder, and back pain can be a result of not just the physical but also the mental? You may not even realize it but when something is weighing on your mind and causing you stress you often go through life with a very tense upper body. You might even find yourself waking up aching from subtly tensing your muscles as you slept. The mental stress can really do a number on yo…Read More

  7. Variety For YOUR Needs At Hopkins Massage Therapy

    Massage… just the word sounds relaxing doesn’t it? There are many different forms of massage; some are focused on relaxation and the release of tension, and others are more oriented towards rehabilitation therapy. At our clinic in Hopkins massage therapy can be scheduled around your specific needs and what kind would best benefit you. Sometimes all you might need is a gentle massage to help re…Read More

  8. Hopkins Massage Therapy Has Roots In Ancient History

    There are many different forms of massage and some of them are basic in techniques developed centuries ago. Some people even believe that the art of massage began as far back as 3000BC in countries such as India, Egypt and China. Each of these countries, and many since then, have created their own specific techniques that can help with any number of ailments and disorders. Our Hopkins massage ther…Read More

  9. Hopkins Massage Therapy Has Well-trained Experts

    Becoming a fully licensed (and well-practiced) massage therapist is no joke. There are many people out there who take a few courses that last a month or two and learn the basics, but to really know what you’re doing you would need to attend a real school that has courses and programs lasting several years. This type of training, the kind that our Hopkins massage therapy experts have, is what it …Read More

  10. Pain Relief Thanks To Hopkins Massage Therapy

    Massage therapy is an amazing thing. Many people imagine it as a nice way to relax but it can also have actual pain-relieving benefits. Prolonged tension can lead to pain ranging from a mild discomfort all the way up to something that can be debilitating and can cause you to not be able to live your life to the fullest. Our Hopkins massage therapy center can help you know what kind of therapy, and…Read More