1. Hopkins Chiropractor Meets Specific Needs

    Many people think of chiropractors and they imagine some quack who’s going to snap and jerk your body in such a way that it cracks and pops your joints, but this is certain not the case… not always anyway. It is true that much of chiropractic work involved sharp jerks that create a popping sound followed by increased flexibility and a reduction, if not a vanishing, of pain. But a great deal of…Read More

  2. Team of Hopkins Chiropractors Available For Appointments

    One of the most frustrating things about chiropractors can be trying to schedule an appointment. If you have previously seen a chiropractor and had difficulty scheduling appointments due to the chiropractor’s limited availability, then you understand how frustrating this can be. We understand too and that is why our wellness center has a team of chiropractors who are ready to schedule appointmen…Read More

  3. Coupon Available For Hopkins Massage Therapy

    At our wellness clinic we understand that people not only sometimes need, but often just plain old deserve, a good therapeutic massage. We also understand that the expense of this kind of treatment can really add up over time and this is why we are offering a coupon for $5 off your next relaxation experience. Just visit out website to print off this coupon and give us a call to schedule an appoint…Read More

  4. Relief For Athletes With Hopkins Massage Therapy

    You ever seen footage of professional athletes getting a massage and thought to yourself that it must be nice to play a sport for a living AND get massages every day? Well there’s a reason for it – honest. The types of massage that athletes get is focused specifically on the muscles that their particular sport uses the most. This massage will not only help repairs injuries but will also serve …Read More

  5. Hopkins Massage Therapy Of All Kinds

    There are many different kinds of massage that can be used for all sorts of different reasons, and for the people of Hopkins massage therapy is available in all of its many forms. Massage is used by many people simply as a form of relaxation and an indulgent way to treat themselves, but for others it is a way to help rehabilitate their bodies after an injury or as a form of treatment for painful i…Read More

  6. Rehab Options With Physical Therapists In Hopkins, MN

    There are many types of physical therapy and if you have been seriously injured, have a recurring ailment, or are just getting over surgery the chances are your doctor will prescribe some form of physical therapy for you. Depending on your specific condition this could be anything from therapeutic massages to intense (and possibly painful) rehabilitation exercises. Whatever the case, physical ther…Read More

  7. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Offer Options

    One form of physical therapy that is sometimes used sends tiny waves of electricity through the area of your injury. It is a very bizarre sensation and while at first is slightly painful it eases to an irritating tickle and then becomes quite soothing as your body gets used to it. This tool helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding the injury, muscles which oftentimes have not been used for six …Read More

  8. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Wellness Center

    There are many different types of therapy that can be administered during the act of physical therapy. Some of these will be quite pleasant and can include massage or soaking in hot water, others can be less enjoyable such as tiring exercises, and others can be downright confusing. But rest assured that when administered by a licensed physical therapist, such as one of the physical therapists in H…Read More

  9. Complete Healing With Physical Therapists In Hopkins

    Accidents and injuries can be incredibly painful and the time and discomfort of healing can be equally frustrating. Many people feel that once the casts come off then the injury is healed and we are ready to go on our merry ways, but this is not very often the case. More times than not, an injury that is serious enough to require a cast, or sometimes even just a splint, will require some kind of p…Read More