1. Team of Hopkins Chiropractors Available For Appointments

    One of the most frustrating things about chiropractors can be trying to schedule an appointment. If you have previously seen a chiropractor and had difficulty scheduling appointments due to the chiropractor’s limited availability, then you understand how frustrating this can be. We understand too and that is why our wellness center has a team of chiropractors who are ready to schedule appointmen…Read More

  2. What Your Chiropractor Needs to Know About You

    In this age of social media posts, shares and comments, personal information seems to be aired like dirty laundry on a daily basis. So we find  it mind-boggling when new patients of ours don’t want to be forthcoming regarding their personal history. What they may not understand is, that to provide the most effective and comprehensive health care and to proficiently deal with their pain, their h…Read More

  3. Hopkins Chiropractor Meets Specific Needs

    Many people think of chiropractors and they imagine some quack who’s going to snap and jerk your body in such a way that it cracks and pops your joints, but this is certain not the case… not always anyway. It is true that much of chiropractic work involved sharp jerks that create a popping sound followed by increased flexibility and a reduction, if not a vanishing, of pain. But a great deal of…Read More

  4. What’s The Big Deal With Holding Stretches For At Least 30 Seconds?

    A common question in practice seems to be, “why do I have to hold my stretches for such a long time? What is the difference if I just do it for a couple seconds?” Believe it or not, there is a great answer to that question that can help with flexibility and overall improvement for pain and injuries. There are 2 important receptors found in muscles that play an important role in overall muscle …Read More