1. Help For Tension Pain At Hopkins Chiropractor

    Did you know that neck, shoulder, and back pain can be a result of not just the physical but also the mental? You may not even realize it but when something is weighing on your mind and causing you stress you often go through life with a very tense upper body. You might even find yourself waking up aching from subtly tensing your muscles as you slept. The mental stress can really do a number on yo…Read More

  2. Relief From those Recurring Headaches

    After as many years practicing chiropractic care in Hopkins as we have, we’ve become very familiar with those patients that suffer from chronic and repeated headaches. Often, our newer patients also have the unfortunate experience of dealing with migraines on a fairly routine basis and seek out a chiropractor in Hopkins in hopes of alleviating the pain. Recurring headaches are some of the most…Read More

  3. Instant Relief At Hopkins Chiropractor

    For anyone who’s ever cracked their knuckles or their neck, you know the feeling of release this offers. You feel more relaxed and are able to move your fingers and your neck much more freely. Now imagine if you could have this same feeling throughout your whole body. You can! One of our Hopkins chiropractors is ready and able to give you and adjustment or alignment that will be suited exactly t…Read More

  4. What is Chiropractic Care About?

    The word chiropractic is derived from greek language, meaning “done by hand”. At Hopkins Health & Wellness Center, we believe that the body has the potential to heal itself and will do so when the body is in complete alignment. This alignment is made possible by adjusting, by hand, those subluxations in the spine that cause disruptions throughout the body’s different systems. Basically, …Read More