1. Hopkins Chiropractor Fixes Your Snowman Mess

    Everyone knows that daddy’s make the best snowmen so when those adorable little voices beg and plead for you to help them build one there is no way you can disappoint. You pick out the accessories for your snowman (or lady), teach the kids how to get a snowball started, stack the middle snowball and as you reach down for the head you feel something snap. Uh oh… that wasn’t good! You’ve gon…Read More

  2. Chiropractic and Pregnancy

    Watch any pregnant woman walk or stand for any amount of time and you will invariably see her hold her hands to her lower back. It’s no secret that pregnant women suffer from lower back pain due to the extra weight of the baby that they are carrying. As the pregnancy continues into the later stages, pressure on the lower back joints is increased, causing greater pain. Studies have shown that chi…Read More

  3. No More Game Pain Thanks To Hopkins Chiropractor

    We live in a society that is ever changing, updating, and improving (although in certain cases this might be debatable). Phones that are only a couple inches long, games you can play that sense your movement, and cars that drive themselves! It’s a little crazy when you think about it. While many of these gadgets are a lot of fun and more often than not are things we use every day, unfortunately …Read More

  4. Facts VS Myths: The Truth About Your Hopkins Chiropractor

    Here at Hopkins Health & Wellness Center, your trusted Hopkins chiropractor, we provide innovative nonsurgical care that can quickly get you out of pain and teach you how to keep it from ever coming back. Even though chiropractic care has become mainstream, unfortunately a lot of old myths still exist. Today we’re going to tackle some of the most common misconceptions about chiropractic …Read More