1. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Offer Options

    One form of physical therapy that is sometimes used sends tiny waves of electricity through the area of your injury. It is a very bizarre sensation and while at first is slightly painful it eases to an irritating tickle and then becomes quite soothing as your body gets used to it. This tool helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding the injury, muscles which oftentimes have not been used for six …Read More

  2. Top 5 Ways That Our Physical Therapist in Hopkins Can Help

    Physical therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of issues. Whether you suffer from back pain, you have recently dealt with an injury or you have an illness, physical therapy is a low-risk treatment that could yield some major benefits for you. The following is a list of the top 5 ways that our physical therapist in Hopkins can help you:  It can reduce your pain- Some forms of physical therap…Read More

  3. Rehab Options With Physical Therapists In Hopkins, MN

    There are many types of physical therapy and if you have been seriously injured, have a recurring ailment, or are just getting over surgery the chances are your doctor will prescribe some form of physical therapy for you. Depending on your specific condition this could be anything from therapeutic massages to intense (and possibly painful) rehabilitation exercises. Whatever the case, physical ther…Read More