1. Physical Therapists In Hopkins That Won’t Break Leave You Broke

    Sometimes it really feels like the medical industry is nothing but a money making racket out to get us all and bleed us dry of our hard-earned money. And it’s the last type of business where this should be the case – people don’t go to doctors just for fun, they go to them because they need them. Unfortunately the often-exorbitant cost of a doctor’s consultation is something that stops man…Read More

  2. Check Out How We Helped Leslie With Her Back Pain!

    “I lived with chronic lower back pain for 14 years. Three months ago I began seeing Dr. Pete L’Allier at Hopkins Health & Wellness Center. His adjustments combined with the right exercises suddenly eliminated all the pain. Amazing! I didn’t even bother to wish the pain to go completely away because it had been so long and I was hoping to just get some relief. It was the first time in 14 …Read More

  3. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Help The Pessimists

    The holiday season is here and if you’re any kind of a pessimist you may have a gloomy point of view when it comes to this time of year. Most people see beautiful Christmas trees, family festivities, delicious foods, and gifts gifts gifts. But pessimists can look at the same things and see wrenched backs, pulled muscles, digestive issues, and a waste of money. Our center has a team of profession…Read More

  4. How to Prevent Sports Injuries

    In 2012 alone, approximately 570,000 people went to the emergency room from injuries sustained while playing basketball. Another 560,000 were seen for injuries during bicycling; 466,000 for football injuries; more than 265,000 for injuries sustained on the baseball or softball field and another 230,000 who were injured while playing soccer. Of these almost 2 million emergency room visits, more th…Read More