1. Complete Healing With Physical Therapists In Hopkins

    Accidents and injuries can be incredibly painful and the time and discomfort of healing can be equally frustrating. Many people feel that once the casts come off then the injury is healed and we are ready to go on our merry ways, but this is not very often the case. More times than not, an injury that is serious enough to require a cast, or sometimes even just a splint, will require some kind of p…Read More

  2. Rare Physical Therapists In Hopkins

    We have the rare and physical therapists at Hopkins that provide knowledge and knowhow everyday. Here, the DMR Method provides a long-term corrective solution to decrease your pain and restore optimal mobility. We encourage you to allow us to treat you with an alignment and stabilize the pain to the spine. Our rare and physical therapists in Hopkins have very compassionate and caring hearts!…Read More

  3. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Wellness Center

    There are many different types of therapy that can be administered during the act of physical therapy. Some of these will be quite pleasant and can include massage or soaking in hot water, others can be less enjoyable such as tiring exercises, and others can be downright confusing. But rest assured that when administered by a licensed physical therapist, such as one of the physical therapists in H…Read More

  4. Dynamic Physical Therapist in Hopkins

    Would you like to help your body to perform at the highest level possible? You can greatly increase your quality of life and optimize the way that your body works with physical therapy. There are so many great reasons to utilize physical therapy, and it is used to treat a huge variety of injuries, diseases, dysfunctions, and more. We are proud to say that we have an incredibly dynamic physical the…Read More