1. Needing Zzzzz’s? By Hopkins Massage Therapy

    You've had many long stressful days at work. You are exhausted, and hoping for a new lease on life. When it's time for bed, you just hope to sleep the night through. Massage can actually improve sleep. It reduces mental stress and decreases anxiety enabling Hopkins Massage Therapy to help patients with needed Zzzzz's for a good night's sleep.…Read More

  2. Dr. Dani’s Tips for Dealing with Stress

      Tips for Dealing With Stress: Everyone has normal stress in their life, whether it’s work related, family issues or financial stress. The problem is that chronic ongoing stress can wear down the body‘s natural defenses, leading to symptoms including, but not limited to headaches, general aches and pains, exhaustion, upset stomachs and other issues. While we can never truly escape all stres…Read More