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Watch any pregnant woman walk or stand for any amount of time and you will invariably see her hold her hands to her lower back. It’s no secret that pregnant women suffer from lower back pain due to the extra weight of the baby that they are carrying. As the pregnancy continues into the later stages, pressure on the lower back joints is increased, causing greater pain. Studies have shown that chiropractic care throughout the pregnancy can not only alleviate and prevent lower back pain but can also help in a smoother, safer, less complicated delivery. As your chiropractor in Hopkins, we can help you navigate this delicate time of your life with nutritional advice, exercise guidance and regular adjustments. Follow these few tips for a smooth and happy pregnancy:

  • Get adjusted regularly. Maintain a healthy skeletal structure through routine chiropractic adjustments throughout your pregnancy.
  • Move every day. Avoid being immobile by incorporating some type of gentle exercise every day.
  • Take care of your feet. With the added body weight, your feet become more susceptible to injury and pain. Wear flat shoes with arch support to help protect your feet during this time.
  • Take pressure off your back while sleeping with an extra pillow placed between your legs.
  • Make sure to be conscious of your back. As always make sure to lift from the legs and knees and not from your back. Though you should avoid lifting heavy objects during your pregnancy, make sure that if you have to, that you are doing it properly.

At Hopkins Health and Wellness Center, we look forward to being your chiropractor during this very special time of your life and strive to make sure that both you and your baby complete this transition as healthy as possible.