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Tragedy can strike anyone at any time, and it is often at the most unexpected time. With advancements in the automobile industry creating a lot of traffic on the roads, it’s no surprise that the likelihood of car accidents is increased by a lot. It seems that on almost every commute to and from work, there is always an accident, big or small. 

There is almost no telling what can happen in a car accident; it depends on if everyone was wearing their seatbelts, how fast the car was going, how many cars were involved, where the impact of the collision occurred, and many other factors that affect the result of a car accident. A lot of times (and the most ideal), these collisions are small and everyone involved walks away without injury. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and those involved in even the smallest fender bender can walk away with a debilitating injury. Whiplash is one of the most painful things a person can have happen to them, even if it doesn’t initially seem to be a serious injury. 

Like the Crack of a Whip

Any injury of the neck, no matter how serious or seemingly mild, should always be acknowledged and never ignored. Whiplash is one of those kinds of physical injuries that seems like it’s not a huge issue at first (it can take a day or two for symptoms to even start developing!) but can turn into a serious injury. In a nutshell, whiplash is the sudden back-and-forth motion of the head that puts a lot of weight and pressure on the neck and is often described as having the motion of a cracked whip. It can occur due to any kind of physical trauma, but it is most likely to happen in a car accident where someone runs into the front or the back of the vehicle. 

Having a sore neck and shoulders due to whiplash can seem very mild at first (which is typical for this type of trauma), but if these symptoms last for months with no pain relief, there could be another serious issue that must be addressed. Injury is mostly felt through the neck, but can have some repercussive injuries that are often associated with (but not limited to) neck trauma such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Soreness in the shoulders and back
  • Fatigue
  • Impaired vision
  • Depression

Some of these symptoms, such as impaired vision and depression, are some of the more extreme cases of whiplash, but with any trauma to something as important as the neck, there are going to be repercussions throughout the body that could have some serious consequences. 

Regardless of how serious you think your whiplash symptoms might be, it is absolutely vital that you get checked out by a doctor before you drive straight to your chiropractor to ensure that your injury does not involve a broken bone or tissue damage. 

Do You Even Need The DMR Method?

With back pain, it can sometimes feel like there is no cure and no hope for pain relief, leaving patients feeling like constant pain is just their new reality. Whatever method you’ve tried for pain relief, the DMR Method has been proven to give patients who visit Hopkins chiropractic neck and back pain relief and have long-lasting results. 

DMR stands for diagnose, manage, and rehabilitate and is specifically designed to treat back pain instantly and have lasting results that do not require surgery. The idea behind the DMR Method is to provide a collective approach to pain relief, injury repair, and recovery that has long-lasting results of back and neck pain relief. A lot of patients have tried similar approaches, but because the process was probably done in a different order, they didn’t have the same results. Oftentimes, patients who have had pain for a long time are shocked at how quickly they start to feel pain relief. 

For swift and optimal results, this process contains several different elements that contribute to pain relief, such as joint manipulation, muscle massage, and mobilization protocol. For cases such as whiplash, restoring proper nerve function to ease inflammation using gentle chiropractic care will assist the body’s capability to naturally heal itself, and the DMR Method is the perfect course of action once the problem areas are recognized and can receive the correct treatment.

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Neck pain can happen to anyone, and in cases of whiplash, can have negative long-term effects that require patients to seek chiropractic care, physical therapy, and even urgent medical assistance. These sorts of injuries call for a method that is refined and actually targets what needs to heal, and with the DMR Method, patients receive the treatments they need in order to feel new again. 

For more information on the DMR Method and other injuries that require this process, visit our website for more information!