Image of a happy woman in fall foliage.

Welcome back to the Hopkins Health and Wellness blog! Today we’re giving you the low-down on all things self-care and wellness this Fall. Afterall, it’s flu season and with increasing amounts of darkness, it’s really important that we’re all taking care of ourselves. 

If you’re currently need of health and wellness care, make sure you stop into our practice in Hopkins or Woodbury, so we can address your ailment. And if you’re currently feeling spry, healthy, and vivacious, keep reading for some tips from the pros!

Health And Wellness

First and foremost, let’s cover what you can do to keep yourself healthy as the weather gets colder.  

Ensure You Get Enough Vitamin D

Since we get less sunlight during the Fall and Winter months, it’s important that we’re conscious of the amount of Vitamin D we’re getting. Our bodies naturally produce Vitamin D via sun exposure, so you may need to invest in a Vitamin D supplement during the darker months. Vitamin D boosts your mood and your immune system, so it’s a great place to start in terms of wellness.

Eat What’s Fresh, In Season

Our planet does a pretty wonderful job at providing us with what we need, when we need it. During the Fall, many vegetables are in season. This means that they’re at their peak level of nutritional value, and they’ll taste better! While you’re at it, whip up some soups for an easy, cosy dinner. 

Drink Water, Sleep

This is important during every season, but especially in the Fall, make sure you’re drinking enough water and sleeping substantially. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the Fall because most of us go for that delicious pumpkin spice latte or caffeinated tea as our drink of choice. While these are delicious, caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it dehydrates you! And because it’s flu season, sleeping an adequate amount each night is vital to keeping your immune system optimized and ready to fight off the cold and flu. 

Self-Care For Fall 

Science has proven that we get sadder when the days get darker. This means that especially in the Fall (and Winter, but we’ll save that for another blog), we need to spend time ensuring that our mental health is being addressed and taken care of! Here are some easy things you can do to keep your spirits up.

Embrace The Beauty

Fall in Minnesota is absolutely gorgeous, and we often experience some lovely, crisp Fall weather. Take advantage of this by taking walks, appreciating the beauty of the season, and simply getting some fresh air. Taking some time to experience the outdoors will not only give you a chance to be inspired by the beautiful scenery, but also will give you time to clear your mind and take a break from your busy day.

Embrace The Season

Fall has a lot to offer. Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Fall Solstice. All these things have certain traditions or events associated with them. We recommend that you take advantage of the season by partaking in the Fall activities you love most. Carve that pumpkin, go to a Halloween party, or simply arrange an evening to sit around a fire and enjoy the company of your favorite people. Whatever it is, don’t feel ashamed that you get excited about something Fall-related. Just have fun with it!

Embrace The Food

We mentioned it briefly above, but during the Fall, there are lots of cozy, delicious, and nutritious foods available. Take advantage of this by learning a new recipe, or making your favorite Fall dinner from childhood. This will keep you active and well-nourished, ultimately making you feel great!

Hopkins Health And Wellness Center

Beyond these at-home wellness and self-care strategies, our Health and Wellness Centers in Hopkins and Woodbury can also improve your wellness and mental health during the Fall. From chiropractic care to massage, to our state-of-the-art DMR therapy, we have the tools and expertise to improve your wellness and provide you with sublime self-care. Call today to schedule an appointment or learn more!