If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced neck pain and discomfort. According to one study, four in ten Americans suffer from neck pain on a regular basis. Whether it is mild, moderate, or severe, neck pain can interfere with your everyday activities, work, and sleep. While pain relievers can temporarily alleviate aches and pains, they don’t necessarily target tight muscles or increase flexibility. Whether you prefer a light touch or deep tissue massage, receiving regular therapeutic massage treatments from our friendly, experienced therapists at Hopkins Health and Wellness can help relieve your neck pain and stiffness, while increasing circulation and range of motion. Additionally, massage therapy encourages relaxation and reduces stress, while helping you manage your pain.

Causes and Symptoms of Neck Pain

What are some of the causes and symptoms associated with neck pain? While many experts suggest that, aside from sleeping in the wrong position, poor posture, repetitive motion, arthritis, pinched nerves, and of course, injuries, stress is one of the main causes of neck pain. Stress causes the muscles in the body to tense up, making the neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles tight and taught. This increased muscle tension pulls joints out of alignment, affecting posture, spinal alignment, range of motion, and can even trigger painful headaches. Pain levels vary from mild to excruciating, and can affect one local area or cause sharp, radiating pain to another region of the body. Sometimes, neck pain also causes numbness and/or tingling in the shoulder, down the arm, and into to the fingertips.

How Massage Helps Alleviate Neck Pain

There are different massage techniques that help alleviate neck pain. Our experienced therapists apply light, moderate, or deep continuous hand movement techniques that help reduce muscle pain and discomfort. Using a variety of massage techniques, therapeutic massage improves circulation and blood flow that warms the muscles and soft tissues (tendons and ligaments). Increasing circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients that stimulate healthy muscle function and help rehabilitate injured or over-worked muscles. Additionally, stimulating circulation and fluid flow helps muscles discard lactic acid that collects in the muscles, which can trigger painful muscle spasms and stiffness. Along with pain relief, therapeutic massage increases relaxation, decreases stress, and minimizes anxiety, leaving the client feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. What is more, combining therapeutic massage with chiropractic adjustments can greatly reduce neck pain, while prolonging the benefits of both treatments.

Self Care Between Massages

While receiving frequent therapeutic massage treatments will help you manage your neck pain, there are a number of actions you can take in between massage treatments to reduce neck discomfort.

  • Stretch! Light stretching on a daily basis will help you stay limber, while improving flexibility and range of motion.
  • Stay hydrated! Drinking water helps carry nutrients to your cells, improving body function, circulation, and overall wellness.
  • Take it easy! Getting enough rest and relaxation helps minimize stress levels that can contribute to neck, shoulder, and upper back pain.

At Hopkins Health, it is our goal to help you maintain optimum health and wellness through relief, repair, and rehabilitation. Schedule an appointment with us today and let us help you get on the fast track to healing.