We’ve all had aggravating headaches that seem to drain all our energy and inhibit us from accomplishing anything during the day. While some people have far more headaches and migraines than others, which are usually much more intense and recurring, it’s equally important for everyone to pay attention to the signals their body gives them and seek professional care when those symptoms interrupt daily life.

At the DMR Clinic in Woodbury, our team of top healthcare practitioners have all the tools and knowledge it takes to help alleviate those pesky headaches and migraines. Here are some of the most common types of headaches and how we can treat them.

Primary Headaches

The most common kinds of headaches fall under the primary headache category and are typically caused by overactivity of nerves and muscles in the head and surrounding areas. While these types of headaches are harmless and are usually not indicative of a more serious issue, it is still important to treat your symptoms and identify why they occur.


Migraines are one of the most painful kinds of headaches you can have, as they are characterized by a constant throbbing pain and can last anywhere from several hours to three days. Given this relentless pain, people experiencing migraines are also likely to become overly sensitive to bright light and loud or obnoxious sounds, in addition to other symptoms like nausea and an upset stomach. If these symptoms interfere with your daily life, try resting at home in a quiet, dark room and schedule a relaxing Swedish massage at our DMR Clinic in Woodbury.

Cluster Headaches

Like migraines, cluster headaches are also one of the most painful kinds of headaches, but are characterized by a recurring intense, sharp pain behind one eye, rather than prolonged throbbing pain. Many people panic when they experience cluster headaches due to their alarming nature, but there is no need to worry because they, too, are harmless. Cluster headaches usually do not have a specific cause and are called “cluster” headaches because they occur in waves, lasting anywhere from several weeks to a few months. If you are experiencing the sharp, burning sensation that happens with this kind of headache, avoid taking pain medication and instead take a break from whatever you’re doing to breathe, hydrate and relax.

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are by far one of the most common types of headaches, given that we live in such a demanding, fast-paced world. Although there is no specific cause for tension headaches, some of the biggest contributors are stress, hunger and lack of sleep. Many college students and business professionals experience tension headaches due to an overwhelming number of tasks they are expected to complete within a short time frame, which often places them under an immense amount of stress. While the best way to avoid tension headaches is to address and mitigate these factors, scheduling a Swedish or deep tissue massage is a more immediate solution for relieving stress and facilitating relaxation.

Whether you are experiencing a migraine, cluster headache or tension headache, it is important to remain calm and remind yourself that these conditions are harmless. At our DMR Clinic in Woodbury, we provide the best therapeutic massage therapy for clients experiencing headaches and would love to help you relieve your symptoms. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or read on to our next blog post for information about secondary headaches.