There’s an unfortunate truth that sometimes accompanies chiropractic care or physical therapy—sometimes, the results just don’t last. While every single medical practitioner has to account for some margin of error, no matter how small, the truth is that sometimes, not every problem can be solved.

However, through the failures, it’s possible to learn new information that can lead to a higher rate of future success. At Hopkins Health and Wellness Centers, we’ve been practicing physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic care services for over a decade. One of our biggest questions was “how do we avoid the pitfall of administering treatment that can potentially leave our patients feeling worse?”

We conducted exhaustive research and eventually concluded that ineffective chiropractic or physical therapy can be traced to a myriad of specific factors, leading us to develop the now-famous DMR Method. The DMR Method is a thorough and wholesome treatment that combines elements of chiropractic and physical therapy, administered through an entire team of professionals (not just one doctor) who work together to diagnose, manage, and rehabilitate you to recovery.

Among our findings, one of the most consistent factors behind poor chiropractic symptoms was receiving the right treatment at the wrong time. We maintain that this is a frequent occurrence, and it can lead to chiropractic treatments only temporarily working, or in extreme cases, it can actually make the problem worse. Let’s look at a few reasons why getting the right treatment at the wrong time can be a problem.

Treating the Symptoms Instead of the Problem

Sometimes, well-meaning physical therapy or chiropractic offices, in an attempt to get you feeling better, end up treating the symptoms instead of the fundamental cause of the problem. This can happen for a few reasons—the patient not giving enough information, misleading symptoms, professional incompetence—the bottom line is that, whatever the reason is, sometimes symptoms are treated instead of the real problem.

Consider a flat-tire in a bike. It’s not uncommon for air to slowly and gradually leak out of your tire over time. The issue, at base value, is a lack of air. By pumping air back into the tire, the problem is seemingly fixed! However, the experienced biker knows that there’s most likely a hole and that it must be isolated and patched for the problem to permanently go away. For those who aren’t as familiar with bikes, this probably won’t be obvious, as most tire punctures are so diminutive that they can’t be discovered unless they’re ran underwater—and the problem will just keep coming back for them.

It’s similar with physical therapy and chiropractic care. There are so many reasons why a part of your body can be hurting, and treating the problem at face value often doesn’t result in a lasting fix. That’s why, with the DMR Method, we have a team of professionals across multiple disciplines that coordinate to diagnose your problem. With so many minds working together to tackle the source of your pain, we have diagnosed countless problems that previous practices could not.

Getting Half the Treatment

There’s another reason why treatments often result in your painful malady swiftly returning—sometimes you’re only getting half the treatment. In other words, sometimes the solution to an ailment in your body extends beyond one medical discipline, and if you’re only getting help from one medical professional, it simply might not be enough. Sometimes, bodily aches and pains are solved by a combination of chiropractic and physical therapy treatments. Getting one without the other only provides a partial solution.

Let’s look at our bike tire example again—suppose you diagnose the hole that’s causing your tire to flatten. If you patch it up, then great, you’ve addressed the most fundamental issue! But if you slap it back on your bike without actually refilling the air, your bike still won’t function.

In the medical world, our system is partially to blame; there are various medical disciplines that don’t often work in the same space as each other, and it can be difficult and frustrating trying to treat your problem by a multitude of different professionals, especially when you factor in the complications that can arise from expenses, insurance, and said professionals not being in communication with each other.

At Hopkins Health and Wellness, we realized these things, and we strove to think of a way to overcome them, and eventually we did. When you get treated with the DMR Method, we’re in constant communication with other healthcare professionals. In fact, we’ve developed such a strong relationship with other practices that new patients are often referred to us by them! This means that we have the necessary information across a variety of different authorities that give us a more comprehensive scope of care than your typical chiropractors or physical therapists.

The DMR Method: The Right Treatment at the Right Time

With our renowned DMR Method, Hopkins Health and Wellness can confidently assert that, when you’re treated by us, you’re getting everything your body needs. We’ve taken great care and conducted years of exhaustive research to get where we are—we wouldn’t be so confident about our method if it didn’t produce demonstrable results, time and time again.

While our chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage specialists primarily serve the people of Hopkins and other nearby Minnesota towns, we’ve had clients from across the nation, and even from other countries, come to our clinic just to experience the DMR Method. If you have pain that needs to be treated, don’t let it fester anymore; contact us today to schedule an appointment!