After 10 Years

After 10 years of managing and maintaining my herniated lower back discs, things turned bad in August. Hip and back pain were minor at first, but by late Sept, shooting pain, incredible weakness in my legs made life difficult. My Chiropractor pushed me to get images and seek advice from a back specialist. Tingling legs gave way to extreme numbness and going up stairs was dependent on me pulling up strong handrails. I was referred to a back surgeon and two days before Thanksgiving I was told I needed Fusion of L5 –S1 and a replacement disc, and because of my advanced numbness, surgery was considered urgent.
On Thanksgiving Day, my brother in law urged me to seek advice from Dr Peter L’Allier at Hopkins Wellness Clinic in Hopkins, MN and within a week I started his nonsurgical care for back pain known as the DMR Method.
For 10 weeks, three times a week for 1.5 hours each day, I went to the clinic for a regiment of Chiropractic adjustments, traction, electronic stimulation and cold laser therapy, therapeutic massage and physical therapy. I was also required to complete prescribed daily stretches and exercises.
The time commitment is large but within 10 days the pain was subsiding, within three weeks I was able to go up stairs using the rail only for balance, by New Years I could walk up stairs hands free and numbness was replaced by pins and needles soon followed by full days of normal feeling in my legs and toes.

In Feb, I met with a second surgeon, who told me I am no longer a candidate for back surgery. April 1, I am about 95% back to pre August in terms of strength and mobility and 110% better in terms of pain. My goal is to be better than August, and it will take a permanent commitment to avoid surgery in my lifetime. DR Pete and the PT staff have given me the tools and confidence to recover and go beyond and I am eternal grateful. I have since attended diet and cleansing seminar at the clinic and my wife and I went through a 10 day body detox diet and we both successfully lost about 8 lbs. A Physical Therapist introduced me to using Pilates Reformer equipment. I later found a brand new one on Craig’s list for $75 and I am learning to use it almost every day. With out the thoughtful suggestion from Kurt, I never would have considered using such equipment. For anyone considering back surgery or recovering from a failed one, please consider this clinic and have faith to stick with the program in your darker hours, because you will be rewarded.

I give Hopkins Wellness to give my phone or email to anyone that would like to speak with me personally.

Jim D