Everyone has deep caring for your health

I have had some bad issues with my back down my legs sever stenosis and a few more issues, for a very long time, have had a few injections and sought therapy and several facilities in town all names everyone will know without me mentioning any, with massive disappointments, with the lack of care no hands on, and knowledge.
My disappointments reached a high level and giving up treatment was near for me.
I called DMR Woodbury as a friend told me to give it a chance, the person answering the phone was Noah, Noah spend almost a half an hour with me going over some options and detailing a possible treatment plan for me.
I was very skeptical, but this guy just spent about a half an hour with me on the phone, I will go see him.
As of now I have had about 20 sessions most of whom were with Noah my MAN! The best, And several with Chandani she is awesome!
The hands on treatment the stretching, the trigger points, the deep tissue, so much hands on and so knowledgeable in all techniques simply amazing, most times during a session there would be two and even three of them working together on me unbelievable.
everyone has deep caring for your health and a good result from their knowledge and commitment, the staff Mellisa whom always helped out during my session and also is a great massage therapist, Jessica, the girls in the front desk Sweet Adri Tracy and Krista, , and just everyone else I had help me when I visit DMR Woodbury.
I did meat Rachel and was impressed about the option of also having chiropractic treatment by her all in the same visit, unfortunately my insurance company would not cover any chiropractic treatment, and with two girls in collage I could not swing it out of pocket for now but maybe in the future.
Once again to Noah, Chandani,Mellisa, and the entire Dmr team you guys are the best I hope you keep it up.
Thank you for all the work and the great results due to your commitment.
Shawn E

Shawn E