1. I Feel Much Better

    I drive 100 miles to get treatment at Hopkins Health and Wellness Center. It’s been worth it! I feel much better and I have an understanding of what I need to do to stay healthy!…Read More

  2. Pleased with Experience

    I have been pleased with my experience in the Physical Therapy area of Hopkins Health & Wellness. They not only worked my muscles with massage, but also gave me effective exercises to strengthen and stretch those muscles myself. The cold laser therapy seemed to speed the recovery too. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere and conscientious attention to my issues. Good job all!…Read More

    Judy B.
  3. Therapeutic Training

    I’ve been working with your Personal Trainer for about 8 months now. I started with therapeutic training and have now added additional SNAP Fitness workouts. Jose has made a huge impact in my life. Today I have less pain, less weight, more strength and more confidence in my physical well-being. Jose has been great to work with. He’s very knowledgeable about his craft, takes time to educate, p…Read More

    Kelly L.
  4. The Best Physical Therapy I Have Ever Experienced

    This, by far, was the best physical therapy program I have ever attended. It was very helpful and thorough. The DMR program is very well organized. The chiropractors and physical therapists were very friendly and knew what they were doing. I would definitely recommend HHWC to anyone having problems with their body. I cannot say enough how they have helped me!…Read More

    Geneva W.
  5. 4 1/2 Years of Tailbone Pain Relieved After 4th Visit

    Finding out about Hopkins Health & Wellness Center has been a blessing. My best friend heard about it on WCCO radio and told me to try it out before having back surgery for a herniated disc. I have had tailbone pain for the past 4 1/2 years. The pain had started gradually and kept increasing over time until I could no longer sit at all without severe pain. I have been to 7 doctors, 7 physical …Read More

  6. Low Back and Leg Pain

    When I first came to Hopkins Health & Wellness Center, I had been suffering with severe pain in my lower back and down my leg for over a month. After seeing my doctor, I had an MRI done. I had heard about the DMR Method on the radio. I was able to meet with Dr. Pete within a week! After looking at my MRI, he diagnosed my problem as Facet Arthropathy. He seemed confident that I could be helped …Read More

    Mary H.
  7. DMR Method

    My experience with the Physical Therapy Department at Hopkins Health & Wellness Center (HHWC) was very satisfying. I had tried physical therapy for my back pain at another clinic and was not happy with the results. I heard a radio ad on MyTalk 107.1 for the DMR Method and thought I would give HHWC a try. I was very pleased with my primary contacts, Dr. Abby Bell and Jaime Sanger Cupit. Both of…Read More

    Colleen G.
  8. Another Chiropractor Referred Me

    Hopkins Health & Wellness was recommended to me by a chiropractor who was treating me for scoliosis. After an 8 year old jumped on me from a couch, my left leg started to experience severe pain and I could not move it. The chiropractor recommended Hopkins Health & Wellness to me because of the added benefits of physical and massage therapy. I immediately noticed how the three therapies wor…Read More

    Rose K.
  9. The DMR Method Saved Me from Surgery

    I was weeks away from having surgery on my herniated disc and, at age 32, that was a scary thought. I knew one surgery could mean many more in the future. I had done 5 months of physical therapy with another group before I was referred to HHWC. I really appreciated the HHWC’s team mentality. When I walked in the door, I felt that people truly cared about helping me feel better. Within 2 weeks, I…Read More

    Kristine S.
  10. I Tried Everything

    For 2 years I suffered with neck and arm pain that restricted many of my activities. I tried chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and nerve injections. All gave me no relief and left me with a lot of doctor bills. I was finally diagnosed with deteriorating discs in my neck and told that I needed surgery that would leave me unable to work for 6 weeks. I heard about Hopkins …Read More