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Tips for Dealing With Stress:

Everyone has normal stress in their life, whether it’s work related, family issues or financial
stress. The problem is that chronic ongoing stress can wear down the body‘s natural
defenses, leading to symptoms including, but not limited to headaches, general aches and
pains, exhaustion, upset stomachs and other issues. While we can never truly escape all
stress there are proactive things we can do to help our bodies better cope with stress.

Below are 10 tips from Web MD to help manage stress.

• Keep a positive, realistic attitude. Accept that although you can‘t control certain things,
you‘re in charge of how you respond.
• Practice relaxation techniques. Try breathing exercises, meditation, prayer, yoga or tai chi. Ask your chiropractor in Hopkins for suggestions.
• Exercise regularly. You‘ll feel better and be more prepared to handle problems.
• Eat healthy. Avoid too much sugar. Focus on fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. When
you‘re stressed, you‘ll probably want less nutritious comfort foods, but if you overdo
them, they‘ll add to your problems.
• Try to manage your time wisely.
• Say no, when you can, to things that would add more stress to your life.
• Make time for hobbies and interests.
• Get enough rest and sleep. Your body needs time to recover from stressful events.
• Don‘t rely on alcohol, drugs, or food to help against stress. Ease up on caffeine too.
• Talk with a counselor or take stress management class for more help.
Have a healthy day everyone!
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