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Hopkins Health & Wellness Center and DMR Clinic Woodbury, are state-of-the-art facilities known for their broad range of nonsurgical, sports and injury rehabilitation, and wellness services. Give us a call today to arrange an appointment for our services and start feeling better!


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Our innovative team of health professionals combines the most advanced physical therapy, chiropractic care, orthopedics, massage therapy, sports medicine, and fitness techniques to properly diagnose each patient to determine the right treatment in the right order to deliver fast, long-lasting results. Follow this link to learn more about the DMR Method and our collaborative approach to health and wellness.

A Book Designed to Help You Feel Better and Stay That Way

The collaborative team of healthcare providers at Hopkins Health & Wellness Center and DMR Clinics researched and developed the DMR Method. They published the first book in the country about health and wellness treatments that integrate the expertise of chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and allied medical providers.

The DMR Method; Advanced Nonsurgical Care for Neck and Back Pain is a practical guide to treatment and aftercare.
The DMR Method; Advanced Nonsurgical Care for Neck and Back Pain is a practical guide to treatment and aftercare.

Knowledge truly is power, and the better patients understand their condition, know the steps to heal and recover, and have clear instruction from their treatment team, the more likely they are to benefit from their treatment to control and manage their condition. Our integrative approach makes treatment and after-care as easy as possible. Our team wrote and published a book covering the DMR Method delivering a complete resource for the entire treatment and aftercare process. To request your copy, follow this link to the DMR Method Book Information and Download.

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