1. Feel Like My Life Has Been Saved

    A year ago I thought I was trying another "program" to help me through my back pain. 25 years of pain and 3 surgeries left me jaded. I believed I would never feel relief. I entered DMR, worked with the staff for 6 months, and I feel like my life has been saved. I am mostly pain free, I am managing my medication for the first time in 10 years - it no longer manages me. I moved to Washington 6 mon…Read More

    Tony S.
  2. Everyone has deep caring for your health

    I have had some bad issues with my back down my legs sever stenosis and a few more issues, for a very long time, have had a few injections and sought therapy and several facilities in town all names everyone will know without me mentioning any, with massive disappointments, with the lack of care no hands on, and knowledge. My disappointments reached a high level and giving up treatment was near fo…Read More

    Shawn E
  3. After 10 Years

    After 10 years of managing and maintaining my herniated lower back discs, things turned bad in August. Hip and back pain were minor at first, but by late Sept, shooting pain, incredible weakness in my legs made life difficult. My Chiropractor pushed me to get images and seek advice from a back specialist. Tingling legs gave way to extreme numbness and going up stairs was dependent on me pulling up…Read More

    Jim D
  4. Thanks for Getting Me Back on Track!

    I had struggled with back pain for years and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get relief. I felt like something was stuck in my back and the physical therapy and chiropractic I had done in the past wasn’t “un-sticking” it. After 4 weeks of treatment at your office I felt the pressure and pain decrease in my back. The spot that felt stuck finally went away. I feel great now, and it was a …Read More

  5. Hats Off to the Physical Therapy Team

    Hats off to the physical therapy team – skillful, caring, pleasant, and humorous – all these qualities lend to the healing process which I am fortunate to be a part of!…Read More

  6. I Can Go for a Walk With NO Pain!

    I was in pain for five months. The pain in my lower back was so bad that I experienced discomfort in every position. After five weeks of treatment at Hopkins Health and Wellness Center, I am now able to go for a walk with no pain!…Read More

  7. I am Amazed at How Good I Feel!

    I am amazed at how good I feel in such a short amount of time!…Read More

  8. I feel 100% better!

    My doctor said that physical therapy would not work. I did it anyway and it helped me a lot. The staff did a great job and I feel 100% better!…Read More

  9. I Will Come Here for the Rest of My Life!

    I was in a severe car accident that twisted my spine. I have been coming to Hopkins Health and Wellness Center for a few months now and I have noticed a very dramatic difference in my posture and pain. I live virtually pain free now. I will continue to come here for the rest of my life! I am very grateful to the wonderful and caring staff at HHWC.…Read More

  10. I Just Completed My First Olympic Triathlon!

    I just completed my first Olympic Triathlon and I feel great! I love coming in to be treated so I know that even though I’m pushing my body’s limits, I am doing it safely. That gives me confidence to push harder!…Read More