1. Finally, an Effective Back Pain Treatment

    For those who suffer from back pain, the road to recovery after surgery can be very long. At Hopkins Health and Wellness, we are pleased to offer an alternative to effectively treating back pain. In studies, the DMR Method was proven to be 96% successful at significantly decreasing symptoms (50-100% symptom resolution) and preventing the need for surgery. This non-surgical back pain treatment coul…Read More

  2. Professional Back Pain Treatment in Hopkins

    Does your back pain feel like it is continually following you around? When we are in constant pain it can have affect every single aspect of our lives, including family, friends, work, and more. Back pain is caused by many different things and it affects so many people, but with our help you do not have to be one of those people. We are Hopkins Health & Wellness and our wellness center can uti…Read More

  3. Back Pain Treatment Brings 96.4% Improvement for Patients

    Have you ever heard of the DMR method? This amazing treatment was developed by a team of physical therapists and chiropractors working together at Hopkins Health and Wellness. A non-surgical, and highly effective treatment for those needing back pain treatment. The relief has been proven for those with disc lesions and slippage of a vertebra. Take comfort in knowing that relief for your back pain …Read More

  4. Back Pain Treatment in Hopkins During Pregnancy

    For many pregnant women lower back pain is a constant companion. You went into your pregnancy hoping for a cute baby bump and a beautiful glow, but what you really get is a 9 month span of discomfort and pain. If you could take some medicine and get on with your life it wouldn't be an issue, but lots of women will refrain from taking medication because they don't want to pass any chemicals onto th…Read More

  5. A Solution for Your Back Pain Treatment

    We hear patient after patient, day after day, sharing with us the discomfort of back pain. Not only is it obviously painful, but it takes away the joy of everyday living. At Hopkins, we believe you should live the life of your dreams without back pain. Our talented team of professionals, offers everything you need to help those dreams come true. Visit us, and let us help. We care about providing a…Read More