1. Complete Healing With Physical Therapists In Hopkins

    Accidents and injuries can be incredibly painful and the time and discomfort of healing can be equally frustrating. Many people feel that once the casts come off then the injury is healed and we are ready to go on our merry ways, but this is not very often the case. More times than not, an injury that is serious enough to require a cast, or sometimes even just a splint, will require some kind of p…Read More

  2. Physical Therapists In Hopkins Help The Pessimists

    The holiday season is here and if you’re any kind of a pessimist you may have a gloomy point of view when it comes to this time of year. Most people see beautiful Christmas trees, family festivities, delicious foods, and gifts gifts gifts. But pessimists can look at the same things and see wrenched backs, pulled muscles, digestive issues, and a waste of money. Our center has a team of profession…Read More

  3. Valentine’s Day and Hopkins Massage Therapy

    Give the gift of wellness to your sweetheart this year. Massage is a phenomenal and loving gift of wellness. At Hopkins Massage Therapy, we offer Valeo Massage, which is latin for 'be well.' Reduce stress and improve overall wellness for the one you love by giving the gift of massage. Not only is it amazing, but an unforgettable experience. It is a gift that will never be forgotten.…Read More